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Monday, December 26, 2011

A special Muraqaba in which the heart chants Allah’s name

Assalam oalaikum,
This is a very majestic form of meditation. The main purpose of this meditation is to awaken one’s heart. When a person starts practicing this meditation his heart wakens up and the heart beat becomes rapid. Ultimately the heart starts chanting Allah’s name. Those people who practice meditation often are aware of this type of meditation. However, even if one is a novice then regular practice may help one do this type of meditation successfully.
The technique is as follows:
Relax your body and sit down in the position of meditation.
Do not lean against any wall.
Avoid any kind of noise in the ambience to make it peaceful.
Shut your eyes.
Recite Durud Shareef 11 times, Surah Fateha11 times and 4 Quls 11 times each. Wind up by reciting Durud Shareef 11 times.
After the recitation, keep your tongue firmly at its base and start chanting Allah-Allah repeatedly in your heart.
Try to focus your attention on the chanting going on in your heart.
If you have completed this stage successfully then you may experience a slight pain in your heart and may also feel panicky. This implies that your heart has awakened.
If you experience racing heartbeat after this then you can be sure that your heart is about to start chanting Allah’s name on its own.
If your heart does not start speaking out then repeat the chant loudly within your heart in such a way that when you say “Al” exert pressure (literally) on your heart and when you say “Lah” literally exert pressure on your navel.
Repeat this procedure rapidly.

Inshallah, the heart may start chanting Allah’s name very soon. If one does not get success in a day then this form of meditation should be continued till a month. With regular practice you will achieve your goal. This meditation can be continued throughout one’s life to keep one’s heart enlightened and chanting Allah’s name.

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