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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Muraqaba in islam

As salamu allaiqum

Muraqaba is a sufi term and a type of divine meditation. Through muraqba a person turns his heart towards Allah ta’ala by meditating and profound focus.
The concept of muraqaba had originated from the practice of our Beloved Prophet (s.a.w) who used to visit the Cave of Hira at night to seek solace by meditating. During night Rasulallah (s.a.w) was highly devoted to meditation and used to spend one or two thirds of each night in prayer and meditation. It was on one such night that Hazrat Jibrail (A.S) appeared before Rasulallah (s.a.w) and conveyed to him the message of Prophethood. So, we find that muraqaba or meditation is a Sunnah of our Dear Prophet (s.a.w).

. “And Allah is [fully] acquainted with what you do.” [Qur’an 2:234] And that He is indeed also aware of the state of our hearts: “Allah knows well the secrets of your hearts.” [Qur’an 5:7]
So when a person practices muraqba he concentrates his heart solely upon the Creator. He is ably to feel the divine Presence intensely through muraqba. Hence, muraqba is unique way to achieve communion with Allah and to aquire his goodwill.
In one hadith, Rasulallah (s.a.w) says: Tafakarru sa`atin khayrun min `ibadati sabaeen sannah." This implies that, "One hour of meditation (muraqaba) is better than 70 years of worship."
It is mentioned that Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique used to invite his companions to his house where they would do zikr in a group.
Since muraqba is a Sunnah so we can safely conclude that every saint performed muraqaba, although not every saint promoted it as some preferred to keep it private.
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Monday, December 26, 2011

what is meditation?

Assalam oalaikum,
Have you ever wondered what meditation is all about? Well, it is a well-known spiritual practice that is known by several names such as: tafakkur, tadhakkur, muhasabah, naqshbandhi, the ways of Sufis etc.
Meditation is the practice of sitting in an isolated place and trying to focus on the inner self by shutting out all thoughts of the outside world. By doing so, one can manage to get information from the subconscious mind. This method requires a very high level of concentration.
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Types of meditation

Assalam oalaikum,
The state of mind can be different during meditation depending on the level of meditation achieved. Different states of the mind can be experienced by those who meditate.
Trance-like state:
When a person initially begins to meditate he gets detached from his surroundings. This may put him into a trance, which is a semi-conscious state between wakefulness and sleep. In such a state the person who meditates can remember information he gets from the inner-self.
Adraak meditation:
When a person practices meditation for a long time then he reaches this higher level. At this stage of Adraak, the trance –like state increases in intensity whereas the mind becomes active. The person can get information from his higher self but he cannot remember anything that he sees or hears during the trance.
Warood Muraqba:
After mastering Adraak moraqba the inner eye opens up because the person’s focus span and intensity increases manifold. The level of purity of mind also increases and this factor also makes it possible to reach one’s higher self. Such a person becomes aware even of things that are far and wide. However, the person cannot see through his inner eye constantly. He can do so only when he reaches a very high level of concentration.
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unleash the power of meditation

Assalam oalaikum,
Kashaf /Ilhaam (getting arcane knowledge):
This stage pertains to receiving mysterious knowledge from the cosmos. Obviously, it is quite a high level in which a person usually receives information that nobody else can. Initially this condition occurs suddenly without the person’s own control but later on, with practice, the mind gets energized enough to get this exclusive info at will.
Shahood (evidence):
This is a unique stage in which a person can receive info about any person by his own will, through his senses. For example, such a person can see things anywhere in the world. He can smell anything in the world and even touch or hear things that are miles away from them.
Fatah is peak of Shahood in which a person is liberated from the constraint of time and space. He no longer needs to close his eyes to meditate and he can see, touch; hear and taste anything that is found anywhere in time and space.
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increase the level of spirituality with meditation

Assalam oalaikum,

Fanaa (annihilation):
After constant practice of meditation, a person may reach this advanced level. During this process some subjective experiences and a series of stages may lead to the complete annihilation of his self. Such a person is regarded as the al-insanul- kamil or the perfect man. In this powerful stage the person’s limited intellect, social self and narrow self- concept break down. In simple words, it is the death of his ego because Allah does not co-exist with ego lurking in our mind. The person realizes the ultimate truth about his existence that he is like a mere drop in the entire ocean.
Sair Allah (journey towards Allah:
This is also known as safr-e-urooji. It is stage in which a person sets out on a journey towards Allah.

Fana fillah (annihilation of self in Allah):
This is a vital stage of spiritual experience in which a traveler towards Allah becomes extinct in Allah’s will. This is definitely a very difficult stage to reach and this task can be accomplished mostly by Wali-Allahs or great Saints. The final stage of Fana fillah is Fana-al-fana in which a person is unable to participate in worldly matters. He gets so engrossed in the thoughts of Allah that he becomes oblivious of his state of fana.
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techniques of meditation

As salamu allaiqum

watch these videos

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A special Muraqaba in which the heart chants Allah’s name

Assalam oalaikum,
This is a very majestic form of meditation. The main purpose of this meditation is to awaken one’s heart. When a person starts practicing this meditation his heart wakens up and the heart beat becomes rapid. Ultimately the heart starts chanting Allah’s name. Those people who practice meditation often are aware of this type of meditation. However, even if one is a novice then regular practice may help one do this type of meditation successfully.
The technique is as follows:
Relax your body and sit down in the position of meditation.
Do not lean against any wall.
Avoid any kind of noise in the ambience to make it peaceful.
Shut your eyes.
Recite Durud Shareef 11 times, Surah Fateha11 times and 4 Quls 11 times each. Wind up by reciting Durud Shareef 11 times.
After the recitation, keep your tongue firmly at its base and start chanting Allah-Allah repeatedly in your heart.
Try to focus your attention on the chanting going on in your heart.
If you have completed this stage successfully then you may experience a slight pain in your heart and may also feel panicky. This implies that your heart has awakened.
If you experience racing heartbeat after this then you can be sure that your heart is about to start chanting Allah’s name on its own.
If your heart does not start speaking out then repeat the chant loudly within your heart in such a way that when you say “Al” exert pressure (literally) on your heart and when you say “Lah” literally exert pressure on your navel.
Repeat this procedure rapidly.

Inshallah, the heart may start chanting Allah’s name very soon. If one does not get success in a day then this form of meditation should be continued till a month. With regular practice you will achieve your goal. This meditation can be continued throughout one’s life to keep one’s heart enlightened and chanting Allah’s name.
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