Monday, December 26, 2011

Types of meditation

Assalam oalaikum,
The state of mind can be different during meditation depending on the level of meditation achieved. Different states of the mind can be experienced by those who meditate.
Trance-like state:
When a person initially begins to meditate he gets detached from his surroundings. This may put him into a trance, which is a semi-conscious state between wakefulness and sleep. In such a state the person who meditates can remember information he gets from the inner-self.
Adraak meditation:
When a person practices meditation for a long time then he reaches this higher level. At this stage of Adraak, the trance –like state increases in intensity whereas the mind becomes active. The person can get information from his higher self but he cannot remember anything that he sees or hears during the trance.
Warood Muraqba:
After mastering Adraak moraqba the inner eye opens up because the person’s focus span and intensity increases manifold. The level of purity of mind also increases and this factor also makes it possible to reach one’s higher self. Such a person becomes aware even of things that are far and wide. However, the person cannot see through his inner eye constantly. He can do so only when he reaches a very high level of concentration.
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