Monday, December 26, 2011

increase the level of spirituality with meditation

Assalam oalaikum,

Fanaa (annihilation):
After constant practice of meditation, a person may reach this advanced level. During this process some subjective experiences and a series of stages may lead to the complete annihilation of his self. Such a person is regarded as the al-insanul- kamil or the perfect man. In this powerful stage the person’s limited intellect, social self and narrow self- concept break down. In simple words, it is the death of his ego because Allah does not co-exist with ego lurking in our mind. The person realizes the ultimate truth about his existence that he is like a mere drop in the entire ocean.
Sair Allah (journey towards Allah:
This is also known as safr-e-urooji. It is stage in which a person sets out on a journey towards Allah.

Fana fillah (annihilation of self in Allah):
This is a vital stage of spiritual experience in which a traveler towards Allah becomes extinct in Allah’s will. This is definitely a very difficult stage to reach and this task can be accomplished mostly by Wali-Allahs or great Saints. The final stage of Fana fillah is Fana-al-fana in which a person is unable to participate in worldly matters. He gets so engrossed in the thoughts of Allah that he becomes oblivious of his state of fana.
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